Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is the absolute most responsible choice for construction in both environmentally sensitive areas and populated urban centres alike. With minimal ground disturbance, and absolutely no need for open trenching, HDD is the most efficient solution for crossings under roads, rivers, buildings, and railroad tracks.

Construction is performed by pushing a series of drilling rods through the ground led by a duck-billed drill bit. The desired bore path is achieved by keeping the rods drilled (rotated) and steered in the proper direction. The drill head emits a signal that allows operators to track pitch, roll and depth. This sophisticated system allows for incredibly accurate shots at very long distances.

The completed pilot bore can either be pushed up out of the ground, or a 'catch pit' is dug for the drill head to push into an open hole. A backreamer and the product for installation are then attached and the rods are pulled back while the backreamer enlarges the hole to accommodate the material being towed into place.

Upon completion of pullback, the product is in place and the only rehabilitation required is at the entry and exit areas of the bore.

Horizontal Directional Drilling